EST. 1994

My name is Joe Netzer i was born and raised in La Crosse, WI. I graduated Central high school in 2013 and as of 2018 am pursuing my marketing degree, i  feel i have found my niche in the digital marketing program at western and hope to find a career in the digital marketing field or freelance as an ammeter landscape photographer and small business website builder. 

i am Currently attending Western Technical college for digital marketing. Digital marketing has been largely content creation and Search engine optimization (SEO) of businesses websites. We have learned of geographic’s, psychographics, demographics, and behavioral factors that have to be taken into consideration in a marketing campaign. I have used google analytics to track traffic on the FunFurPets website, used Hubspot as a tool for E-mail marketing campaigns and course certifications. 

I have a great appreciation for the great outdoors, camping, hiking, and kayaking are a few outdoor activities i enjoy. Beautiful wild life, landscapes, and plants have inspired me to tell my story through the camera lens. Backpacking and rock climbing are two future activities i wish to accomplish.

Look Deep into Nature then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein 


"Joe is fun to work with and does amazing work."
John Doe